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KCI General Information

Phone: 9073572065 | Email:

KCI Ministerial Licensing Process

1. Applicant - completes Ministerial License Application through King's Hub.

2. KCI Admin Team - Review & Arrange Licensing Exam

3. Applicant - completes Licensing Examination using the link from the KCI Admin team. (100 questions, 2 hours, can use their Bible, 80% correct answers required to proceed)

4. KCI Admin Team - Review & Arrange Core Pastor Interview

5. Core Pastor - Phone interview with Core Pastor from that Region using the Ministerial License Interview link from KCI Admin Team.

6. Core Pastor - Communicates approval or denial of Ministerial Credentials

7. KCI Admin Team - Follow Up Email & Card

8. Applicant - Payment / Renewal using the link on KCHub

Admin Team

Core Pastor: Pastor Daniel Bracken -

Administrator: Pastor Kirsten Davis -

Assistant: Minister Vicki Bloomquist -

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